Popular Restaurants in Jaipur Under the Famous Renaissance Hotel Group and Their Recipes.

Admired as clear as reflection of the mirror, Jaipur has always been able to retain its position in entertaining people with its ritualistic and cultural foods which indirectly uplift the grade and demands of some stylish and famous restaurants in Jaipur partitioned under various hotels.

Some of the lovable restaurants along with their famous recipes comprise with high profiled Renaissance hotel are classified below:

Replay Restaurant : Replay restaurant is one of the finest one located on 5th floor of Ridhi Tower, opposite to an SMS stadium road and serves North Indian, Italian and Continental cuisines.The effective recipes of this restaurant are as:

  • Tomato and lemon grass :Rs.155
  • Weetcorn :Rs.160
  • Monchow :Rs.180
  • Brocolli :Rs.150

The courtyard Restaurant : The courtyard lies at UBD tower, university Marg and is among the famous rooftop restaurants in Jaipur and has potential to serve continental, Italian and Chinese cuisines and its recipes are:

  • Russian salad :Rs.160
  • Dal shorba :Rs.160
  • Lentill crackers :Rs.165

Paisanos pizzeria Restaurant : Considered to be amazing at its fine dining and good services of food Pizzeriais one of the beautiful platform where you can accelerate your craving needs and lies at Malviya nagar, corporate tower near Fortis.It always offers Italian cuisine like:

  • Grisspy veggi bites :Rs.150
  • BBQ hash browns :RS.140
  • Chillyfries :Rs.165

Black out Restaurant : As name define Itself that it has earned a good tagline among all famous and top restaurants in Jaipur and is situated on the 9thfloor of hotel golden oak, Ahinsa circle and it’s dependable recipes are:

  • Chunky minestone soup :Rs.180
  • Battered fish finger :Rs.175
  • Otak :Rs.155

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